Monday, March 24, 2008

Very Busy Weekend

Laura and I met in Staunton on Friday to take the kids to Gypsy Hill Park. We fed ducks, played on the playground, ate a picnic lunch, and played on the big gazebo stage. Callie and Peyton did a lot of running that day, running down hills, across large stretches of grass, back up hills. They had a blast! We left for the family farm that night and the kids went to bed way later than normal and were still up at 6am ready to hang out with their cousins and grandparents. We had a big agenda on Saturday - breakfast, a walk to see the new calves, coloring eggs, lunch, a big egg hunt, dinner and then home. I think the kids just about ate their weight in chocolate and sweets. Liam had an egg hunt at school on Thursday and when he saw Mark going outside to hide eggs he started yelling, "Eh eh." After he collected about 10 eggs, he sat on the picnic bench and proceeded to eat his haul. He learns quick!

On Sunday we went to church and enjoyed fantastic music and a great message about heaven, then we did an egg hunt with Nonna and Granny. The kids again ate their weight in chocolate and played with lots of Peeps paraphernalia that Nonna brought, light up Peeps toys, Peeps bubbles, etc. Mark and I cooked dinner and after the kids went to bed we all played a game called 3-13, a very fun card game. At one point during our game I looked out the window and there were snow flurries! Nothing stuck, but it snowed for about 3 hours! Maybe snow will become our Easter norm. Last year we had to do our hunt in the basement due to snow!

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