Thursday, March 27, 2008

Stuffy noses abound

The Meadows' house is full of the sounds of coughing and of noses being blown. Poor Liam woke up early this morning so stuffed up that he couldn't breathe. We found his binky and gave him his Mr. Peanuts and cuddled him in our bed for an hour. Poor little man. Mark is on the mend but he still has a cough and stuffy head. I just have the stuffy congestion thing. I wish it wasn't such an ordeal to buy Sudafed. I mean, really, I'm not making any drugs with it...I just need it to unclog my head! I bought the over-the-counter stuff and it just didn't do the trick, so Mark went to the pharmacy and got the real deal. It works so much better. Granna and Grandad are coming for a visit tomorrow (yeah) and so I need to do a few house cleaning things. It is so much more fun to play on the computer or read my book than clean, but the dog hair is slowly piling up and taking over!

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Haberly said...

We all got that stuffed up stuff too... now it's just running out of the kids' noses... always have to have a tissue in pocket. Tony's still sick, but he could have improved over the week he's been gone. When I got the nasal congestion, I had a fever and was on the down-low for a week!