Sunday, July 20, 2008


Mark and I made the "kindest cut of all" on Friday as we cut and donated our hair to Pantene's Beautiful Lengths program. This program makes real hair wigs for women who have cancer. It's a little different from Locks of Love, which makes real hair wigs for children. They only require 8 inches of hair which is a bit less than Locks of Love, and after growing our hair for about 18 months, it was time to take it off! We did Mark's hair at home. He bundled it into 3 ponytails and then I cut them off one at a time. After the ponytails were gone, he took the clippers to his head. It was so weird to see his head after all this time.

We drove to Mt. Solon for a hair appointment at Unique Touch later that morning and Liam, Peyton, and me all had hair cuts. My good friend, Lisa, who has cut my hair for about 13 years, chopped it off. I was planning to donate about 9 inches and wanted to keep it a little longer, but she and Mark talked me into giving more. I had about 11 inches to donate when it was over and I LOVE my new 'do. It is so easy to maintain and I feel so much lighter. The long hair had become a major pain and I felt like I looked old. Mark's dad told us that we both look younger! I'm not sure if I'll keep it this short because I can't really pull it up at all, but for now it's a fun change and I'm excited that my hair will be used to benefit someone who has lost their hair. What a wonderful cause!

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