Tuesday, July 1, 2008

It's about bloomin' time

My Easter lily has bloomed and it is so pretty. Peyton was so excited and kept smelling it! It has about 6 flowers on it and it's just gorgeous. Our tomatoes are all green and growing, but still nothing ripe. Mark's a little concerned with how top heavy they are and how much greenery we have on each plant. I'm hoping we'll get some really yummy ones after all his work getting them in the ground. The Farmer's Market has tons of squash and cucumbers, which we have in our garden, but I did find some ripe blueberries there today. The kids will be so excited because I used the ones we bought on Saturday to make a cobbler. I love them raw, but I really love them in a cobbler. I found a new recipe on allrecipes.com and used that one. I need to buy a few ingredients today so that I can make some chocolate zucchini bread. We have too much zucchini as usual, and I hate to see it go to waste. I'm going to make a freeze some bread so we can use up what we have. We'll end up giving a bunch away too.

We turned off the AC yesterday after a quick storm and it is so nice today, balmy and cool. I am enjoying listening to the birds sing and hearing the sounds of the neighborhood, lawnmowers, the buzz of a table saw, kids riding bikes. It's a really beautiful day to have the windows open!

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Craig said...

Good to see that your tomatoes are coming along. I've been pulling zucchini and squash like crazy. No cucumbers ready yet, but I did get my first ripe tomato yesterday.