Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Our Tea House Trip

Tea with Granna was a delight for the granddaughters (and for the adults too)! We had such a nice time at Mrs. Hardesty's in downtown Harrisonburg. Margaret, the owner, and Janice created a tea plate for the little girls that had a scone and some other sweets, cucumber sandwiches, and a few other goodies. They seemed to enjoy their food and really liked drinking their iced tea and lemonade out of their pretty teacups. Janice enjoys the experience of having tea and Peyton has always liked stirring in the sugar and sipping from the cup. It was really special to do this tea with Granna in a tea room setting and to let the girls get a taste of what high tea was like. I think we also (FINALLY) got a decent picture of the granddaughters for their Granna. I need to do a little photo editing before I print anything out, but I have some really sweet pictures of the girls. While we had tea with Granna, Liam went out to eat Mexican food with his Grandad and Dad and then they went to the park. I'm not sure that he would have enjoyed the whole tea experience yet, but I hope he'll try it when he's older.

We drove to Charlottesville to spend the day with the cousins yesterday. Laura and I gave the kids a bunch of options of things we could do and they wanted to set up a tent in the living room and play camping, so that's what we did. We ordered a large pizza and they annihilated it! I can't imagine how much they will be able to eat when they are teenagers! I'll have to go back to work to afford the groceries. We had a nice relaxing day with them and as usual Peyton didn't want to leave. It's nice to live close enough to do a day trip visit!

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Nice family photos!