Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Big Boy Haircut

Liam's hair was getting a little shaggy and I trimmed it myself, but it was a real hatchet job. I just need to leave it alone and let the pros do it because it's either uneven or looks like a bowl cut! Today we went to a place called the Hair Corral for his first real cut. I'm not sure why but that name makes me chuckle a little. The Hair Corral has several sections, a beauty salon, a barbershop, and a nail salon, plus a shop where you can buy shampoos, etc. We went into the barbershop and it's a long room with about 14 barber's chairs and a bunch of chairs along the wall. Oh, and a bunch of dead stuffed animals on the walls. We saw a goose, a fox, and a deer, just to name a few! You basically sit and wait near the barber you want and when they're ready, they'll take you. This sweet woman, Carla, cut Liam's hair. She had him sit in my lap while she did the trim. He sat completely still, which is so unlike my boy. So now my baby looks like a little boy. I can't get over how different he looks with just a little trim.

And not to be upstaged by her brother, here's the way Peyton styled her own hair this morning:
(I didn't let her wear all of these bows and clips out of the door. I made her pick two because I always end up having to carry them for her.)

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