Monday, May 5, 2008


We have our garden planted now and I'm ready for some fresh veggies soon! Peyton and Liam "helped" Mark get the tomato and pepper plants in the ground. They mostly pulled up big chunks of grass and dandelions and threw them at each other, but they had fun and I think the early exposure to how vegetables are planted and grown is really important for them. Peyton loves going out to look at how much the veggies have grown.

We've had some really warm days which makes us shuck our shoes as soon as we get outside. We were all barefoot in the sandbox last week enjoying the feel of sand between our toes, well all of us except Liam. He's not crazy about the sand sticking to any of his parts. It is around 70 degrees today and the inside of our house is cool. As soon as they kids get up from their nap/ rest, we'll head outside. We're planning to eat on the deck tonight too! Have I mentioned that I LOVE LOVE LOVE spring!

We headed up to Pennsylvania this past Saturday to celebrate my cousin's 40th birthday. Her family threw a surprise party/ dinner for her. It was a long way to go for a short event, but it was a great surprise. The kids enjoyed getting to spend some time with Nonna and Uncle Craig on the trip and on Sunday. They did an email live chat with their Granna yesterday which was hilarious! They were making faces at each other and laughing. It was such fun for Mark and I to watch them interact with Granna via computer. Do you think our kids will ever know what rotary phone was or a tape player? I swear technology is amazing!

We went to the park yesterday to check out a new bike trail. Mark had Liam in the pull trailer and they went to explore while Peyton and I stayed on the hard gravel trail with her trike. When they got back Liam was crying and really unhappy. I held him while Mark took Peyton on a ride and he was hiccuping and sobbing and saying, "Bumpy bumpy." The trail through the woods was super narrow and the pull trailer was too wide. They went over a lot of rocks and Liam was a little traumatized. The trail we plan to do this summer is a lot more smooth and definitely wider! We didn't know that he knew what bumpy meant! I'm looking forward to more bike rides now that it's warm!

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