Saturday, February 16, 2008

First haircut and cupcake time

Peyton had her first official haircut on 2.15. I have trimmed it in the past, but I decided to take her out to my friend, Lisa, for a real haircut. She was such a good girl and I think she really enjoyed the experience, especially since she got a Valentine cupcake afterward!

We made heart-shaped cupcakes on Valentine's Day and I let the kids decorate them. They went crazy and had a blast. They used up a lot of the sprinkles we had left from last Easter and Christmas. Unfortunately since they hadn't eaten dinner, they weren't allowed to eat their creations that night. It was especially hard to tear Liam away from the container of sprinkles.

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Craig said...

I saw mom's pics and the video of Liam shaking the sprinkles onto the cupcakes. That boy needs to learn the definition of 'empty'!!!