Sunday, February 24, 2008

P.A.D. February 24th

I got home tonight and helped get the kids to bed and realized I hadn't picked up my camera all day today. After church I went to a reception for a baby that had been dedicated, and then I packed up and came home to the 'burg. While my iPod was syncing (thanks Craig for the hand-me-down, I LOVE it), I grabbed the tripod and set up the camera in Peyton's room. I dimmed her lights and took this picture of her sleeping. That girl is a deep sleeper and didn't even flinch when the camera clicked. I love how peaceful she is when she's sleeping.

Speaking of sleep, it's after 11pm and I need to turn off the computer and get to sleep. Mondays are long days because Mark has work and then class and doesn't get home until long after the babes are sleeping. So, I'm off!

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