Thursday, February 21, 2008

P.A.D. February 20th

This was taken off my back deck last night just before we sat down to eat dinner. I had to sneak out really quick because it was about 30 degrees and the kids always want to go outside if one of us goes out. Mark was out throwing a stick for Randy, so I ran out quickly and when I came back in the house, Peyton was pulling her shoes on her feet and Liam was trying to un-velcro his tennis shoes. We like to call our kids polar bears because they will go out regardless of how cold it is and never want to come inside. This would be okay except we can't keep gloves on Liam so his hands always get red and cold. I'm sure they are looking forward to spring.

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Haberly said...

Tracie, your photos are GORGEOUS! You should print and frame, have a show eventually! Is there some sort of "Zirkle House" near you? They move me!