Tuesday, February 12, 2008

P.A.D. February 12th

When I was a senior in college I lived in a complex called Madison Square. I drove by today to see if my roommate's bike, lovingly called "The Booger," was still chained to the bike rack. My friends, it is the end of an era...the booger is gone. I think it stayed on that bike rack for about 9 years, but it's gone now. The booger was Jane's mom's bike and then hers. It was a bright green bike, very old school, but it served its purpose well, getting Jane back and forth to class. We used to wonder how long it would be chained there and now I know, not forever! So I took this picture of the bikes that are there now. Not one of them was electric green and not one of them was rusting and I have to say, I'm feeling a bit nostalgic.

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jane said...

OMG. The booger is officially gone. where is she? dumpster? stolen? (doubtful) I must admit that i am sad and feeling a little guilty for not rescuing her. She did last a long time, though didn't she? I hope she's in a better place. my love to you, tracie magoo. xoxox