Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Hats everywhere

I have worked my way through the crochet book and have done all of the projects in it. My favorite project by far has been the hat. This is the first hat I did, a turquoise one, made from yarn that came with the book. Peyton is my lovely model! I really like this hat and used the pattern to make one for each of the kids. They went to Michael's with me early this week and chose their own yarn, with no help.

Is anyone surprised that my girly girl picked pink? She loves the hat and especially the flower.

Liam insisted on blue yarn and also asked for a flower. I told him that I would put a pom pom "flower" on it because I did not want to put a girly flower on it. I mean, the boy already wears a purple dress around the house and occasionally angel wings! I had to bribe him with candy to wear the hat in a picture. He HATES having his picture taken (sound familiar, Uncle Craig?)

Ah Peyton. I asked her to please model Liam's hat for one picture (before the bribery). This was her reaction!


Kelly said...

Tracie- I am SO impressed! You are so very talented!

Amy @ Living Locurto said...

ha! That last picture cracked me up! Adorable kids & hats. Thanks for putting the I heart faces button here:-) looking forward to seeing you there. Should be fun!