Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My new obsession

Since learning how to crochet, I have been thinking about all of the projects I want to make. I am working on a felted bag right now and then a hat for Mark. I also have leftover yarn from making Peyton's hat and so I might make another one like that one to give away. I just finished my first big project, one I'll reveal later. It was a labor of love and I had such fun making it. It's interesting that the women of my grandmother's generation sewed, knitted, crocheted, etc, and that I never had to learn these skills. I wish I had learned them, but I had no interest until recently. One of my friends keeps telling me that I could learn how to sew, but I think that may be beyond me. I get flustered trying to read an "easy" crochet pattern. I can't imagine how hard learning to cut out and sew an item of clothing would be!

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Laura said...

We did a family sewing project at church last night and all I could think was "Thank goodness my family doesn't rely on me for making their clothes. They would have to wrap a knit scarf around their body, since that's all I know how to do!" It's definitely fun, but I'm constantly impressed with how patient the women of our grandmothers' generation and earlier must have been!