Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Simple pleasures

My children have always gravitated toward the more simple/ real toys, things like boxes, cell phones with no batteries, old Tupperware, bowls, cups, etc. Mark's mom got Peyton an "office" for Christmas and it has been a HUGE hit. That's not to say that she is not loving her Cinderella horse and her new dress up clothes, but the office has been a great source of imaginative play for her. We set up her office in the basement guest room and she will go in and play doctor's office, store, etc. She wrote a thank you note in children's church on Sunday and asked me to please "run down to my office and get a seal for the envelope."

While Mark was at work yesterday I took down all of the indoor Christmas decor. We wanted to leave it up until Ephiphany (today), but the city was collecting trees and I figured it was easier to leave it by the curb than to find time to get to the landfill. The city recycles all of the trees into mulch that they use in local parks. We do have our outdoor lights and candles in the windows. We'll leave them up for a few more days.

It is raining and only in the low 30's today, after reaching almost 60 yesterday. The local weathercasters were calling for an icy mix and a few area schools had delays today, but the delay we were sort of hoping for didn't happen. Oh well, I'm still hopeful for some good snow this winter!

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Sarah said...

The "office" is such a cute idea!!! My daughter would have LOVED that when she was younger!