Friday, January 16, 2009

My poor I get it

My brothers and I used to drive our mom crazy with the whining, bickering, arguing, fighting, etc. and now I get it. It seems like every 5 minutes I am breaking up a disagreement, dealing with rotten behavior, and trying to make Peyton and Liam work it out by themselves. We have very cold temperatures so it's hard to get out and play. The kids are cooped up inside and although they are doing a pretty good job of entertaining themselves, every few minutes someone is yelling. UGH! I'm really glad it's Friday and that Mark will be home all weekend. We may have to brave the weather and force them to go outside!

It's a jammies day for the kids. They are both still in their pj's and loving it. I don't let them do that often, but today I just didn't feel like making them change. I need to think about lunch and then put them down for rests/ nap!

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Corrine said...

nothing like a pj day for sure.

found you on i heart faces.

i have two blogs i regularly post on 4kidsnodog and corrinescapturings both blogspots.