Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Little boys and trains

What is it with little boys and trains? Liam got two different ones for Christmas, a wooden one from Nonna, and another one from his cousin, Amanda. The wooden one fits perfectly onto the train table, so it has a permanent home. The other one is a lot bigger so we have to set it up on the floor. It also has a remote control that moves the engine along the track, forward and backward. I wasn't sure Liam would be able to figure out the remote, but he did and loves it. I should have known. I think boys are hard wired to be able to use remotes, game controllers, etc.

It is a rainy and dreary day today. I had thought about taking the kids to the Children's Museum, but I do not want to venture out in the rain, so we're just hanging out at home. They spent a good part of the morning stringing beads onto pipe cleaners and now they're watching a movie. They moved some chairs into the family room to make a movie theater! After the movie we'll probably head to the playroom for a while. I finished Liam's hat last night and I'll post some pictures of both kids in their hats later. Liam is reluctant to pose, so I'll have to be sneaky!

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Emma of said...

I've found your blog via and must say - I love your photography, you are so talented! Great photos, honestly, couldn't find any that I didn't like :)