Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New's 2009

I remember being in elementary school and figuring out how old I would be in the year 2000. Now it's 2009 and I feel like time has been flying! We had a very laid back evening last night to ring in the New Year. I made two dips, buffalo chicken and spinach artichoke, and we ate veggies and dip too. It was a finger food meal and the kids loved it. We also did jiffy pop on our stovetop. We ate and then dressed the kids in their jammies to watch "The Berenstain Bears." They stayed up until about 9:30 and then crashed. Mark and I finished the final Star Wars movie and then started the documentary on how they were made. I didn't realize it was midnight until we heard the fireworks downtown. We went to bed around 1am and then got up at 8:30 and went to The Little Grill for breakfast.

The kids wanted to play outside when we got home, but it was only around 30 degrees so they didn't last long. They spent the morning playing and hanging out with us. Peyton is at our neighbor's house now and Liam is asleep.

I bought a how to crochet book yesterday (thanks Grandma for the birthday money) and spent last evening and this morning learning some stitches and making a few projects. The book came with a few skeins of yarn and 6 projects. I knew a tiny bit from my Nan. She taught me how to crochet when I was around 10 years old, but I had no idea how many things I was doing wrong! I have now learned more than just the one stitch I used to know...woo hoo! I made a little bag to carry jewelry, a soap loofah, and two flowers. I'm going to tackle a little purse next and then a granny square scarf. I'm excited because I've been wanting to learn for so long and had no idea how to do it. Not sure if adding another hobby is such a good thing (I'm already busy with photography, scrapbooking, etc), but it should be fun!

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