Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Good-bye 2008

What an amazing year it has been. I started this blog in February with the picture a day project. I took a picture each day of that month and really started to understand my camera. This year would have to be the year of the DSLR for me. I dug deep into my camera's manual and really started to learn and experiment. I am nowhere near where I would like to be skill-wise, but I continue to enjoy the process of learning.

We did so many things this year it is difficult to recap them in a single blog post. I've created three collages that include a few of my favorite pics from this year. We celebrated birthdays and anniversaries, took trips to the National Zoo and the Safari Park. We spent a week at the beach and a week camping and biking in the mountains. We cooked and baked a lot of new recipes, met new friends, and spent some great family time together.

I look forward to a wonderful 2009. It will be a year of milestones. We'll meet our newest niece and our first nephew. We'll see Peyton off to kindergarten and transition Liam to morning preschool. We will try to find a new place to camp/ bike and we'll return to Sandbridge with Nonna for a week. The most important thing I hope for in this new year is to continue to serve others. I hope to find some volunteer opportunities for not just me, but our whole family. I hope to teach our kids the importance of giving back, and not just giving money to a charity or to our church, but giving our time to organizations and programs we support. I can't imagine the adventures that await us!


Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Great images! May you have a wonderful new year full of possibilites!

Miss Sandy said...

Trust me, your photo skills are awesome! Your family is darling and I love the last mosaic, especially the blue birds on the fence! Have a wonderful New Year.

Joy said...

Looks like you have really taken to that camera - your work is fantastic! Darling kiddos too. :o)