Monday, December 29, 2008

What a face!

Liam is the polar opposite of Peyton when it comes to drawing attention to himself. He does not like to have the spotlight on him. He gets a little peeved when we try to take his picture and will furrow his brow. I used my zoom lens to take this picture of him at our Christmas celebration on Sunday. I love how wide his eyes are and how sweet he looks.

We had a very nice celebration with Mark's family on Sunday. We opened gifts and did cheese fondue for appetizers, chocolate fondue for dessert, and a delicious ham dinner in the middle. It was fun to see the cousins playing together. They are getting to the point where they can play together with very little supervision. As long as an adult is within earshot, they are usually good to go. We exchanged homemade gifts this year and it was very cool to see what everyone made. One family gave us a homemade candle and another made a snowman doorstop out of landscape pavers. I love the creativity and thought that went into these gifts. I also just love homemade items and think it's fun to make things.

Mark has this week off and we are just enjoying the time together. We spent this evening straightening our basement playroom and weeding out some toys the kids don't play with anymore. I feel good about getting rid of some of the clutter. I hope to work on the kid's rooms tomorrow while they are in preschool and then my closet! We really need to tackle our garage and workshop, but one thing at a time! Plus I'm sure he doesn't want to spend all of his time off cleaning and working!

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