Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Looking for ways to Give this Christmas

A friend pointed the way to a great blog, The Train to Crazy today. The writer is looking for ways to encourage her daughters to give this Christmas instead of focusing on getting. She is seeking ideas to do 25 days of giving. Head over and leave her a comment. You might just win a prize.

I love this idea. Mark and I are trying hard to teach our children to give. We put some money in the Salvation Army kettle last week and talked about where the money would go. We will put scarves on the Christmas tree at church to be given to the soup kitchen attendees. We will also purchase a few gifts for the birthday party for Jesus at our church. The gifts will be given to a local childcare center that assists families in need. I hate how Christmas is all about the lights, the decorations, the gifts, etc. I feel for Charlie Brown when he complains how even his dog has gone commercial! I love the decorations and lights, but I really love celebrating the birth of my Savior and I want my kids to focus on Him. Go visit the blog and leave your idea and maybe get some inspiration too!

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