Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Our Christmas Lights

I will post a picture of our crooked and twisty tree later (I haven't loaded the pictures from my camera yet) but I wanted to share our outside lights. Mark grabbed the kids last week and let them put the lights on our bushes. They had a ball. I stood outside with my camera on the tripod and captured the action. I used a long exposure making them ghostly.

Mark and the kids are in the kitchen right now making my birthday cake, a blueberry cheesecake, my request. I can't wait to eat a piece tomorrow. I'm hoping to sleep in for a bit in the morning, in honor of my 33rd birthday and maybe to have some time to read. We're working nursery during the 4:30 service at church and then we'll attend the 7:30 one. I love attending church on my birthday and feel like if we don't, it hasn't been a good birthday.

2 days until Christmas. Take some time to enjoy the season. I marvel at the gift of God's son. What a blessing to think about the story, especially since I've had children. I'm amazed at Mary's humble obedience and her trust in God, an Old Testament God that was hard to understand and was distant. I'm so grateful that Jesus came and gave us a way to God, a way that was full of compassion and love.

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