Sunday, December 21, 2008

Sunday school program

Peyton and Liam participated in our church's Birthday Party for Jesus last week. Each Sunday school class, from ages 2 up to 5th grade, presented either a song or poetry reading or told the Nativity story. Peyton's class sang "Jingle Bells" and Liam's class sang "Happy Birthday" and then blew cute! It's hard to post pictures from their activities because I don't want to post pictures of other kids without their parent's permission. I tried to blur out the kiddos around him.

We had a long day at church today. Mark and I taught 8:30am Children's Church, then we had Sunday school, and then we hung out until after the 11am service to work on preparations for the Community Christmas Dinner on Thursday. We put together foam Christmas trees and the kids decorated them. They'll be used as centerpieces on Thursday. The older kids were able to stick with it longer than the littler ones, but even the older kids ended up ditching the project and the adults finished it! I think they will look cute on the tables.

We've been trying to get the kids excited about Christmas and the whole idea of giving versus receiving gifts. We went to the Dollar Tree today and had them shop for each other and for their parents. You should see the stuff they chose...hilarious! I won't share now, I'll wait until everything is opened on Christmas day. Mark and I wrapped the gifts and are going to let the kids decorate the packages after their rests.

I hope you all take some time this week to slow down and enjoy the Christmas lights, the time you have off work, the time spent with your families, etc. What a precious time to remember our Savior's birth. I hope it resonates with you not only during the holiday, but all year.

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America's Top Hand Model said...

I love how you blurred the kids around him. It brings the focus right to Liam. This is AWESOME>
fabulous photo.