Tuesday, December 16, 2008

No pictures today

I would love to post some pictures of the kids decorating Christmas cookies, or of the fantastic biscotti I made, or of the kids program at church on Sunday, but our computer is having issues and I can't.  I'm using Mark's work laptop right now.  He so sweetly left it at home after lunch.  I feel like someone cut off my thumbs because I don't have access to all of my bookmarks.  I guess because we live in such a technology-driven world, and because I use my computer every day, not having one hurts!  I'm hopeful that Mark can somehow figure out how to get it to turn on again. He tried one thing today that didn't work, but hopefully he can figure out what will work.  I keep joking that there is something electromagnetic about me that makes computers freeze and have issues...maybe there's something to that theory!

I might have to go out and buy a sweet new e-laptop from apple if we can't get this computer back up and running (just kidding honey).  I'll stimulate the economy baby!  

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