Saturday, December 13, 2008

Christmas Program

The kids participated in a Christmas program on Monday night at their preschool. Oh school programs...they are always interesting. I was curious what Liam would do since he had never been on stage before. He didn't sing very much, but he did sway...a lot! He also put a carrot in his nose during a snowman poem and lifted his sweater up high. It was very mild so I was relieved. Peyton's class, the 4 year olds, had a more detailed part of the program. The other classes sang a song and did some sort of reading or poem, then they all sang together, then the 4's told the Christmas story, in costume! They were so cute dressed like donkeys, camels, angels, wise men, shepherds, etc. Peyton was a donkey. I had no idea they would be in costume so I almost didn't recognize her when they walked out.

The teachers told the kids to sing loud so they could be heard and boy did they ever sing loud, especially one little girl. They didn't so much sing as they did scream. It was really funny and sweet. I wish I could show more of the kids, but I don't have their parent's permission and don't want to make anyone uncomfortable. Enjoy these pics of my little guy and my little donkey!


Mark said...

I would like to point out that Liam did not put the carrot _IN_ his nose, it was just _ON_ his nose.

We did not end the night in the hospital with an emergency carrot-ectomy.

Craig said...

Why did he have a carrot on the stage with him, was it part of the show??

I love the picture of Peyton as the donkey.