Saturday, December 6, 2008

Harrisonburg Christmas Parade

This has to be the rinky-dinkiest parade ever, but I absolutely loved seeing it with the kids last night. We had dinner with friends and then walked downtown to watch the parade. We found a spot really close to the beginning of the parade so the kids got TONS of candy from the participants. We were turning candy away at the end and they would still throw 3 or 4 lollipops onto Peyton's lap. We put the kids in the double stroller and had them covered in blankets, but they were still cold. I think it was below freezing last night but the people in the parade were in good spirits and we had some really fun people standing beside us.

The Harrisonburg Parade is very interesting. There are floats from local businesses, the area high school bands play, but there are some random things too like old cars with no signage, a random man walking with a ginormous pink bear, flaming baton twirlers, you get the picture. Mark asked me if anyone can be in the parade and I think all you have to do is pay a $10 fee and you're in! I think the highlight had to be the JMU Marching Royal Dukes (sorry Santa). They are phenomenal. They kicked off the parade and then stayed to perform on Court Square afterward. We grabbed some coffee and then Peyton and I watched them. The sound was bouncing off the downtown buildings and it was just amazing. When you get 425+ people who love to play music together, it's bound to be great. It brought back fun memories from my MRD days. And yes, seeing Santa was cool too. He was riding in a carriage pulled by Sonny and Cher, two draft horses that we see on our way to preschool each week. I think Peyton was more excited about seeing them than seeing Santa!

Mark took Peyton to a birthday party this afternoon and Liam and I watched the JMU vs. Villanova game on TV. It was an exciting game and when they intercepted the ball at the end, clinching their victory, I was screaming like a lunatic. Liam had no clue why I was so excited, but he was screaming too and yelling, "GO JNU!" I would have loved to go to the game, but I didn't mind watching from my very warm living room either!

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