Thursday, August 7, 2008

A few more Beach pictures

This is the last of them, I promise. I took so many pictures and it was crazy hard to weed them down to just a few. I need to stop messing with pictures and work on some home movie stuff. I have a lot of clips on the computer taking up space and I need to finish editing my DVD and burn it so I can delete the clips. I have another full tape ready to be loaded and edited too. I'm trying out my new imovie program, part of ilife 08. I'm still not sure how I like this editing tool. I have to do a few crazy things to get my video into the program because my camera is not compatible with it....sigh. I swear as soon as I get a handle on a piece of software, it changes! I also need to take my camera backpack back to Glen's and see if they'll replace it. I went to put it on my shoulder and the strap snapped off! This is the second back I've had from them. The first one was all torn up on the piping. If they can't replace it with something better, I'm going to try to get a refund and buy something online instead. Then it's off to Target and lunch with Mark.

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