Thursday, August 21, 2008

Party Prep

Party prep is underway. We're expecting around 20 people to celebrate Liam's 2nd birthday on Saturday. I bought all the food items today and I'm so excited to celebrate with him. The boy is seriously into trucks and cars so we're doing a construction-ish theme. We're not doing games or any planned activities besides eating and making our own ice cream sundaes or cones. Should be fun. I just did a bunch of cleaning and I'm going to eat lunch before I pick up Peyton for her dentist appointment. Her dentist is awesome and she's always so well behaved that it's not a big deal. It's so cool outside now after two days of high 80's. I feel like fall is just around the corner and I'm ready for some cooler weather. I always enjoy 60's and 70's the best! I'll post a picture of the peach tart I made last night. My mom made a surprise visit yesterday and brought us peaches and corn (both of which Mark and I had just bought from the Farmer's Market)! I made the second crust I've ever made and my first ever peach tart....YUM! I might go have a piece now.

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