Sunday, August 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Liam

We celebrated Liam's 2nd birthday on Saturday with family and a few friends. We kept it pretty simple with pizza and cake and make-your-own ice cream sundaes. He seemed to understand that all the hoop-lah was for him and was really excited about opening some "kresents." The hardest part about presents for kids his age is that they want to play with them as soon as they are opened. There was a roomful of family waiting to see him open his gifts, and he wanted to play with the first one he opened. There were 6 little girls who were more than ready to assist him, but he managed to open them with a little help from his mama. It seems a little surreal that 2 years have passed since I gave birth to him. It has gone by so fast. I never imagined I would feel this way when I was dealing with his horrendous colic! He really is a gift to our family and I'm so glad that he is our son. At church today he kept telling everyone that he was 5! We're not sure where 5 came from, but Liam is convinced that he is 5 years old, not 2!

I decided to run out to Michael's today, then to Target, and then Martin's for groceries. As soon as I got to Michael's I realized that this is the first weekend that JMU students are back in town as classes start tomorrow. What a NIGHTMARE the parking lot was. If you've been to this particular shopping area, you'll know what I'm talking about. Whoever designed it should seriously be shot. Traffic was so bad that after I finished my shopping I drove behind the Home Depot and Wal-mart to avoid traffic and decided to skip Target. There were about 20 cars lined up in front of Wal-mart as I left. They were just trying to get into the parking lot...what a mess! You know you are a townie when the student traffic makes you cranky! I know I was a student once, and I really am not bitter toward them, but it really makes a huge difference in how long it takes to get around town.

Mark starts grad classes again tomorrow. He is currently scheduled for a Monday and Tuesday night class. I have my fingers crossed that it will all work out for him with his work schedule and with trying to spend time with us. Harrisonburg City schools start tomorrow so we'll be seeing the yellow buses on the road again. I can't believe summer is ending, but I'm excited about all the fun stuff we'll be doing this fall!

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